About AEP River Operations

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, AEP River Operations is a barge company offering unparalleled service in the transportation of dry bulk commodities throughout the inland river system. This includes the movement of grain, project cargo, coal, steel, ores, liquids and other bulk products. Our fleet of over 2,900 hopper barges ranks as one of the newest and most dependable in the industry, ensuring your product's quality and reducing delays caused by older equipment issues. In fact, AEP River Operations offers the largest covered hopper fleet of any carrier. Whether you have a dry bulk product or a piece of large project cargo, we have the barges to meet your needs. Complementing our barge operations is a fleet of over 80 boats ranging in horsepower from 1,550 hp fleet boats to our lower river big tow 11,000 hp boats. AEP River Operations has taken delivery of 40 newly constructed 10,000 barrel tank barges. Shippers looking to transport liquid products now have AEP River Operations as a new alternative service provider in the liquid freight market. In 2014, we moved over 69 million tons of cargo for our customers.

AEP River Operations’ quality doesn’t stop with our equipment. Our professional staff at our offices in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Paducah, Lakin, New Orleans, and Mobile along with highly trained crews on our towboats, will ensure your objectives are met every step of the way. We are a Responsible Carrier Program (RCP)-certified company with a mission and focus to be the leading supplier of safe, competitively priced marine transportation to our customers. 







Why AEP River Operations?

Experienced customer service, top-notch crews and craftsmanship, our attention to schedule and competitive pricing have made AEP River Operations a leader serving the barge industry. Our reputation brings customers in, and our results bring them back.

When your company needs help navigating transportation challenges, turn to AEP River Operations. We are happy to consult with you on jobs large or small, routine or rare.

New Boats, New Barges

At AEP River Operations, the fleet of the future has arrived.  When you partner with us, you have access to one of the newest, most modern full-service fleets in the industry.

Our new boats offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced environmental impact through the most modern engine technology available, moving freight more efficiently
  • Increased reliability, fewer repair-related delays
  • Advanced safety features to enhance crew safety
  • Increased crew amenities for greater comfort

Our new barges offer these advantages:

  • Specially designed to AEP River Operations' high-level specifications
  • New covers for dry, safe cargo
  • Many deck fittings for easy handling
  • 13-14' hulls for greater carrying capacity
  • Heavy hulls and cargo boxes to secure your cargoes 
  • 10,000-barrel tank barges with three cargo tanks providing a combined capacity of 11,000 barrels
  • Cargo tanks have "six-pound tops" to withstand pressures of 6.4 pounds-per-square inch before venting
  • Certified for Subchapter's D and O liquid commodities

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